Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two Socks and a Baby

I have a couple of finished objects to discuss today. Firstly my sister Traci finished her baby, Lily Mae, on Thursday evening of last week. 7lbs 4oz, 19 3/4" and no pictures because my family has only sent me pictures via multi-media message on my phone. I swear if they don't send me a decent picture soon I'm going to drive up there and take some pictures of my own. Both mom and baby are doing well and are at home. Lily's cute, as far as babies go. You know, they're all a bit funny looking. Still the first image I got of her was great. She looked just like Traci, only really ticked off.

My FO is much less complicated. I knit a pair of socks last week. Less time consuming, and strenuous than having a baby. I actually finished these on Sunday, but since I don't have anything else to show you right now you can see the finished Nanner socks (pattern by WendyKnits). Sorry, don't ask for the pattern, it was a limited time offer for knitting Plurkers and the time has passed. You can however see the slowly growing collection of Nanners that have been knit at the Flickr group here.

Created with flickrSLiDR.


Judy said...

what yarn did you use for her Nanners? It looks fairly similar to the yarn I plan to use! :)


Julie said...

Dude, you can't post about a baby and not post pictures??!!!! Anyway, congrats on being an Aunt again and super congrats to Traci on being a first time mom.

And fantastic name!

Tara said...

TorchSinger - I suppose yarn stats would have been nice to include. *headdesk* I used Dream in Color: Butter Peeps. I'd seen at the LYS several times, and finally had something to knit with it.

Julie - Pictures of baby will be coming as soon as I have them. Totally not my fault on this one.