Friday, April 11, 2008

Who Knew

After completing the second Lucky sock yesterday, so that the needles would be free to start my next Sock Madness assignment, Jeff was commenting on how many pairs of socks I've completed this year. I went into Ravelry (which I wish you guys could browse without having to have a login, but that's not how it is so sorry 'bout that) and sorted all my completed projects by completed date. The last 7 projects were all socks and all completed this year.
That means that this sock is part of pair number 8... in 4 months. Whew, didn't know I could do that. This pair is really fun to knit. There's no purling, and it's all soft and squishy. It's more of a technical challenge than knit challenge, because there are two strands of lace weight (thin) yarn held together. That means you gotta make sure that both strands stay together, and that's just a dexterity kind of thing.

I've been stressing too much about wedding stuff, so today I'm taking off work. I plan to goof off, knit on these socks, and try not to worry. Hopefully I'll have non-knitting content for you later on. :)

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