Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Now that the week is almost over, I ought to tell you about the wonderful weekend that I had. There was so much going on that there is no way I can fully do it justice, but it was awesome, and so I'll try.

I had a fun pre-weekend (Thursday evening) at Gauge watching The Princess Bride with a bunch of knitters and a couple of crocheters. There was one amongst us that had somehow made it to adulthood without ever seeing The Princess Bride. She seemed astonished that Westley (Cary Elwes) was so cute. Several people explained this is part of why we watch the movie over and over again, that and that it is really funny. I like the fact that although he is a young enough man to not be too old to younger teen viewers he is old enough looking that I don't feel like a dirty old woman. It was great. There were snacks, massages (for $1/min), and the water cooler also has a water hotter so you can make tea or cocoa. I brought along some Chai, yum.

Friday night I rallied the troupes and we went to the Flying Saucer. We celebrated Jeff's birthday, even though no one could tell if he was 29 or 32. There was a great turn out, and we filled up two tables. There were beers, and snacks, and beers with other beer inside, and beers with ice cream too.I had a good time, and by the time I was driving him home the poor little birthday boy was so tired he kept falling asleep in the car.

Saturday was my Bridal Shower, organized and tossed by the ever wonderful Erin and Julie. We had quite the turn out with folks that were local and others that traveled from the distant realms of Houston and Ft Worth. We played games that ranged from the "Clothes Pin" game in which many people cheated and just gave me their pins, and the "How Well Do You Know Him?" game in which I chewed 4 pieces of bubble gum at once and failed to blow a good bubble (despite repeated demands from my future mother-in-law that she needed a photo of one). It was kind of like a birthday party that I didn't have to throw for myself, or clean up after, with no boys. For the most part the gifts were from our registry, but a few decided to strike out on their own. Lacy gifted me a knitting book. My dad and step-mom presented pjs, I was assured that the lacy red ones were not from my dad. While dear Crystal gave me a sack of penis shaped candy and flavored lubes and condoms. The food was delicious, the company was splendid, and it was so special and wonderful that I'll treasure the memory forever, or at least until I go senile.

Saturday night Jeff and I went out to dinner with his mom (Jean) and dad (Dan), and my step-mom (Iza). I was so tired after a morning of cleaning, and an afternoon of partying, that I had a hard time staying awake. We went to this new Italian restaurant by the DAC and it was pretty good, but expensive. I'm very glad that we had the folks there to foot the bill, because I'm a cheap ass that doesn't like to spend $18 a plate. I didn't end up spending that much anyway, because I was pretty full (see tasty food at shower) I got an appetizer and a salad and it was still more food than I could eat. I would like at this time to tell you that a ball of risotto that is stuffed with mozzarella and then fried is good eats. I'd tell you what the place is called, but I don't remember. It's not the one that has been there a long time, it is in the cursed building where Rockhound's used to be with the stairs inside that go up to the outside.... (The building is cursed because everything opened there seems to close rather quickly.)

We tried to make it to Mary's birthday celebration Saturday night, but we failed. We went to the house to unwind a bit, digest, and wait for the bowlers to make it back to Ian and Mary's apartment. ... We fell asleep. Well, rather, Jeff fell asleep and so I made him go to bed and then I crawled in after him. There's only so much fun that us old farts can have in one day before we just pass out.

I rounded out my weekend of presents by going shopping with Jean and Iza. They worked together to find me an acceptable new swimsuit to replace my circa 1997 model. As I concluded the torture (you know the only thing worse than trying on swimsuits is trying them on and letting other women see how bad they look on you?) Jean set off in search of sundresses. Somehow the planets aligned and we actually found 2 dresses that all 3 of us liked and agreed look good on me, and then we continued to shop and found a white sweater to go over them so that I don't freeze if I wear them on the plane, and even found two pairs of really cute sandals. After our shopping we met up with the boys at Matt's El Rancho, where they had finalized the catering plans for the wedding rehearsal dinner, and had a lunch of Mexican food and margaritas and beer.

After all that I still wasn't done and Jeff and I got together with Anna to pick out the wedding music. I think that we're all pretty happy with the choices. Hopefully Anna won't be bored to tears, and it's not too pop music for Jeff, and not too traditional for me. The music selection process was easier than I thought it would be, and I had fun hanging out with Anna. Sean was there too, but he was kept busy by the kiddos most of the time. Of course around dinner time Miss Georgia got a little pissed, so Jeff and I took off and went home to collapse again. I don't even remember what we ate for dinner. We must have had something, but all I know was that I was tired.

I think that pretty much covers it. There's more weekly news to come, but that will have to wait for another time. Hopefully I'll get around to it in less than a week this time.

Oh, and ... 15 days until the wedding. EEK!

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