Thursday, April 17, 2008

3 Days and Counting

Well I'm done with work for a while. There was a funny moment in the hallway yesterday at 4:30 when someone stopped me to ask for help with a problem that I knew about, but wasn't really my responsibility to fix. I looked at them as they asked their question, they were quite intense and serious, and I blinked thinking of an appropriate response that wouldn't be rude but it had to be quick. I ended up with, "I've already clocked out, I'm getting married on Saturday, and I won't be back for two weeks. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you." While the person who got this answer wasn't terribly excited about it they did manage to stumble out a congratulations before I made it out the door.

Saturday... that day is looming ever closer. Today is my nail appointment and probably my last chance to really relax. Over the course of today our parents will start arriving, and they will bring with them all the stress that they can muster. Tomorrow additional relatives start to arrive, then you know, Saturday. Still I think that I'm getting a bit overly concerned. I have a good support group that will be able to help take care of last minute things that I've forgotten (and I'm sure there are some) and there's the advantage to being able to start setting up some stuff on Friday. Since we've got the venue Friday through Sunday that means we can start working Friday and wait to really clean up on Sunday. I'm sure some will be done Saturday, but it doesn't all have to get done immediately.

Dude, after being together for over 12 years it's just strange to think that in 3 days Jeff will be my husband. Strange and pretty cool.

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The Holmes said...

Woohoo! Can't wait for the hitchin'. Hopefully the presence of your friends at the wedding will help to balance out any stress brought on by relatives.