Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sometimes I feel like a bad blog reader.

Most of my blog reading is done on the fly on my iPhone, while trying to make sure that Max doesn't electrocute himself or manage to eat broken glass. This means that I rarely ever comment on a single blog that I follow.

I might really adore a story, be moved by the honesty of a moment that was shared, lust after the eye candy of a picture happy post, but at most I tend to hit the "like" button or share the item on my reader. Clicking through to the original post so that i can post a lame ass "you're groovy" sort of comment falls well below the rest of my day in priority.

Maybe I don't think I'm a bad blog reader, so much as a greedy one. Sometimes it seems like all I do is take. I want you to post about your lives and dreams, be eloquent and irreverent in the same breath; here I am now, entertain me. I will read it all, the good,the bad, the wow so much more mundane than my boring day, and I will treasure it, because I am a Reader, but I will not thank you.

I have a blog. I know how hard it is to find the time to write in a blog, especially if you have anything at all else to do. (If you had nothing else to do what on earth could you have to write that would interest me?) How can I let myself get away with this? Meh, I'd make a terrible task master, also I'm pretty terrible at any written correspondence at all.

Still, I want you to know that I care. Especially you guys that read this, that know I read you, and maybe wish you got more comments... Even more than that, those of you that I drink beer with, I want you to know: I read what you wrote, I have opinions about it, and maybe most importantly to me, you make my heart swell with pride that I know the person behind that post no matter how small or mundane it may seem to you.

Sitting here at 2 am in the dark as the rest of the house snores it is easy to say that I will try to be more engaged. I will try to at least acknowledge that I did a hit and run on your blog. Many of you have kids though, and might even be laughing at my post midnight delusions of free time, so forgive me if nothing changes. Most importantly forgive me if you find that I left a comment only to say:


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The Holmes said...

Dude, leaving comments via iphone is a pain in the ass. We know you care :)