Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Year Gone

This year's Sock Madness competition is dead and gone now. I was knocked out during the 5th round, and I'm still trying to find time to finish that pair of socks. Still that was further than I'd made it before, so I'm pleased. I ended up making a lot of modifications to the round 5 sock to get it onto my leg, but this way I'll have a pair of socks that I can wear instead of a pair to look at.
The picture is actually from the first sock in progress, I'm now working on the leg of #2, but this gives you an adequate idea of what it will look like.

Max is completely fighting going to bed now. He loves to go upstairs with us and have his pre-bed snuggle time, but once you leave it's just screaming. He's screaming right now actually. If you don't have any kids, haven't raised any babies, you can't understand just how much fun this is. It's like hot barrels of lava fun. The kind of fun you just can't buy.

Looks like we're not going to Hawaii this year. Bummerville. Dan got a new job, so he wouldn't be able to stay for the week, he'd only get 2 days. That's just not right, so we're going to reschedule and try to go sometime next year. Max will have more fun the older he is anyway, so I'm looking at the bright side. Meanwhile we are going to take a flight to Indiana for the 4th of July. I apologize in advance to anyone who ends up sharing the plane with us. We will of course do our best to keep Max happy, and not screaming, but considering the way he's going on and on right now... well, I'm not sure we'll be successful.

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