Friday, June 18, 2010

Mini Photo Album

The other day I whipped up a tiny photo album, using the same techniques, but different materials. Each of the sheets was cut from scrapbooking paper, so that the pages would have more substance to them. The photos were just print on copy paper, and glued to the pages. I used some scrap yarn to stitch the pages together, then glued the cover on.

Things I like about this photo album, and why I want to make more from other events: It's small enough that I can carry it around in my purse to look at whenever I want a smile. It was quick enough, and cheap enough that I don't have any qualms about letting Max play with it and possibly destroy it. It's small enough and the pages are sturdy enough that Max can actually manipulate it easily.

There are 16 pictures inside, and plenty of room to add captions if I feel like it later. I did decorate the front cover, because it looked naked without something there, and I dated the inside back cover in case this does survive Max's babyhood.

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