Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Knitty

I love Knitty. Not every pattern that gets released there is my cup of tea, but it seems like every quarterly update has at least one or two patterns that I want to knit. I may not get around to it, but the desire is there. This spring's issue has brought with it two patterns that I'm almost positive I will knit at some point. I think my son needs a Steggie, or at least he will sometime after he's born, and given how long we have until a cold day in Austin that gives me plenty of time to complete it. I also need to knit a pair of Target Practice socks. Ever since that pattern came out a few days ago I keep going back to look at it. It looks like a blast to knit, fiddly I'm sure, but totally worth it to watch it come together.

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Julie said...

OMG, that Steggie is the most adorable thing ever! The little guy definitely will need one of those.
(Although I vote for saving it for Winter 2010. He'll be much cuter toddling around in it.) And since it's essentially a hoodie, he probably will get a lot of mileage out of it. With Stella, I mostly just layer her to keep her warm, since we have so little cold weather. She's only had one coat in her life, and that was because her Great-Mama sent it to her. Oh and one of her Aunties got her a little snow suit for when we went to Michigan.