Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Couch Potato or Futon Carrot

As I mentioned yesterday we have a couch to replace. We aren't planning on getting a "real" couch until we're moved into the new house, because we want one that fits that space, and not the space we are only going to stay in for the next two months. However, we also wanted to get something for guests to sleep on in the new house, and we had a fairly large couch shaped hole in our current living room. After only one day without a couch to curl up on together we knew that we had to get something quick.

In stepped the Beddinge from Ikea. The end goal for this sofa bed (aka futon) is to end up in the office upstairs so that the room can double as a guest room. If we ever replace our bed, then it may move to the guest room and the futon can move into the loft space as a couch. So it really seemed like an ideal furniture purchase for the moment. We had been thinking about it for a while, but hadn't planned on purchasing it ahead of time until bulky trash day came about March 30. An opportunity to quickly, easily, and cheaply dispose of a broken sofa could not be missed.
The combination that we chose is the Beddinge Frame with a Murbo mattress, and the green Sandvik cover. While I really like the green (it is brighter in person) and was excited about it, I knew that when I saw the Jorun throw nearby that I needed it to help break up the wall of color. I like it a lot, and I think it will be fun to actually decorate the office with that piece of furniture involved instead of just piling junk in it the way we do now. Maybe I'll hang my frog prints in there... We did not spend the extra $80 bucks to get square cushions to make "arms" for the couch, because I wasn't convinced we need them. If this were to be a full time couch I'd feel differently, but I'd rather save the money for now. We can always go back and purchase them or craft some up later if we decide that we just have to have them.


=) said...

I am curious whether the Beddinge frame and the Murbo mattress are sold separately. On the website its like $350 for the Beddinge Murbo. Does that include the frame and mattress? I can't tell from the website. I really want one of these futon for my studio apt, but I'm on a $400 budget.


Tara said...

Sorry to take so long to get back to you! That is the total price listed. I've been really happy with the Murbo mattress and I'm getting ready to escape Jeff's snoring and sleep on it tonight.

It looks like the current pricing has the Murbo mattress at $140, and $130 for the Sandvik covers, leaving the frame to cost approximately $80. I would not get the cheaper mattress to save a few dollars I didn't like it at all in the store.