Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Little Madder

We are approaching the end of Sock Madness Round 1. Just like last year Round 1 is looking to end with a bit of a fizzle. The first round cut was limited to the first 40 finishers from each of the 4 divisions. So far no a single division actually has 40 people that have managed to knit the pair of socks. There is only one division that even stands a chance to hit that number by 6pm Eastern tonight. That is the official cut off for completed entries to progress to the next round. The first pattern was unveiled March 19th, and the round ends tonight roughly 14.5 days later.

It's looking as if to get Round 2 down to under 2 weeks they are going to have to limit the number of people moving on to 20. This sounds like a huge cut, from 40 down to 20 but as it stands several of the groups only have 26-27 people who have finished. Of course Round 1 was full of new techniques for most of us, and there were tales of lost socks or major issues that necessitated starting completely over. It's possible that Round 2 will go by quicker if it runs smoother for the participants.

Me, I think I'm going to take advantage of the sale at Hill Country Weaver's tonight. It's the monthly 1st Thursday sale and sock yarns happen to be 20% off. I do have sock yarn in the stash that I can use for socks in general, but I don't really have anything that fits the specs for the next round. The next round is slated to start some time Saturday, and of course I will be busy and unable to print the pattern. Still, I will get it on my iPhone and get cracking to the best of my ability.

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