Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I <3 Yarn

Back in April I showed you a cat in a slip. That picture was one of two that tied to win the creative award for the 3rd round of Sock Madness this year. Well today my prize came in the mail, and boy was it worth waiting for. My prize came from Tess' Designer Yarns. This is a group shot of all 4 skeins. Those bluish looking ones are really gorgeous purples, but my camera refuses to tell you the truth. I received 3 skeins of Superwash Lace Merino (very fitting since round 3 was knit using laceweight yarn) and 1 skein of a new sock yarn called Peruvian Sock.You can see a little more of the purplish color on this close-up of the Peruvian Dream Sock yarn that I got. This is one of their new yarns that is 60% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk, 10% Alpaca, 10% Nylon. The skein feels nice and sproingy, and I know it's going to make some kick arse socks.
Below are close ups of the 3 Superwash Lace skeins. There are so many variations of shade in these skeins, and they are soooo soft. I'm completely torn on what to do with them. I really think that I might make another pair of slip stitch socks with them... yes using all 3 colors. But since I'm in the middle of Nanner socks I have some time to think on it.

You can see that my camera wouldn't even take a good close up of the purple, but trust me on this one. This skein is a purple's purple. I want to call it bright and dark at the same time. It has subtle shading within, but it is the definition of purple.
This orange almost glows in sunlight. The colors range from almost yellow to a darker more Cheeto orange (sorry, I guess I'm hungry). It's a beautiful skein of yarn.
The green is cool with shades that vary between a yellower base green and a bluer base. It's such a soft gentle color that I love it next to the electric orange and the vibrant purple.
I am thrilled with my prize pack, and with the colors Melinda sent me. When she asked me what color I'd like for the Peruvian Sock I asked her to send one of her favorites, I think that was a smart decision, cause I LOVE purple.


The Holmes said...

That emoticon always takes me a second. I saw the title and thought, "You're less than 3 yarn?"

hillary said...

I'm so glad that you like your prize. Those skeins all look fabulous!