Monday, December 10, 2007

Truckin Along

I always worry during the Christmas knitting season about the lost time between completing one project, and the time to start the next one. There's usually a bit of time taken up by trying to determine what to make next and for who. This year I had already planned out a couple of gifts, and that's minimized some of the strain. I'm also using a couple of yarns that I've knit with before, so I can actually start a project with a reasonable expectation of gauge. Still as I get nearer and nearer the end of a project I automatically start brainstorming as I work to try and think ahead of that gap.

Yesterday was one of those great moments when I didn't have an idea, but then I got one, and it was good. I had only a few minutes to take a break from cleaning my home and garage. I decided to take a peak at the latest patterns for the Winter Knitty. I stumbled upon the pattern for Quant, and although it's knit from some other sort of yarn I immediately thought of the leftover Noro Silk Garden that I have stashed away. I've only done just enough to know that the gauge will work, and that it's going to be awesome. I haven't knit enough to know for sure that I have enough yarn, but I think it'll be okay. See I have two half balls of the same colorway, and I figure that once I finish one half I'll know. If it seems too short then I'll do a few rows with a different Silk Garden colorway and then hop back in with the second ball, if it's enough then ... yay! I'm thinking maybe this will be for Tricia, but I'll need to work it a bit more to know for sure.

Meanwhile I'm almost done with Iza's present. I've got a few hours to go, less if I hustle maybe. I've started piling the completed knits in a chair (locked away from the chewing/shedding beasties) and I'm pleased with the frequency that I get to add new items. It's possible that I may actually get done everything that I'd hoped. Of course this would all be easier if I could just quit my job (at least until after New Year's Day) and stay home to knit, and work on wedding planning.

Speaking of wedding plans, we've made progress! We selected a baker yesterday, and we even have a preliminary idea on what the cake will be and look like. I'd tell you, but that would ruin the surprise for too many people. I promise that it will be tasty, and maybe even nice looking. We also picked up my wedding ring, which is all the right size now. I love my wedding ring, and I can't wait until I get to wear it all the time. I hope that we can find one that Jeff's likes for himself almost as much. He's not much of a jewelry person, so we might have to settle for one that he likes half as much as I like mine.

Whoops, back to work!

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