Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hopefully the Last Move of the Year

We moved Tim and Julie into their new home Saturday morning. I made a few blood sacrifices, to keep everything going smoothly. That photo is the worst one. It still hurts like a bugger this morning. I have two small cuts on top of my hand on the same arm, and lovely cut/bruise combo is on the back of the arm. It's really hard to sleep comfortably when the front and back of your arm hurt. I found one angle to lay at that worked, but every time I rolled over I would wake up and have to get back to that position. Honestly, as long as nothing touches that bit of my arm it doesn't hurt, but the hand keeps stinging. I think it's because I've continued to abuse that hand, and cats and dogs alike seem to want to stomp on it.

Yesterday was crazy! We went to Tim's parents' just after 10 to get everything from there and move it to the new house. We finished around 3ish? I don't remember exactly, because of the sheer amount of fun we had with UHaul *coughfuckerscough*. It all worked out fine, but they tried to screw Julie out of another $40. Once that was done we grabbed the pizza and headed back to eat, drink, and be merry. Jeff and I ate pizza and drank beer with Tim, Julie, Bill, Brandon, Erin, Anna, and Sean. Eventually Jeff and I had to leave, because we had two more parties to go to, and honestly we needed to wash up first.

We went to Kathy's to have a knitters holiday party. I was unsure what to expect, but we had a good time. Everyone brought some sort of snack, and mostly there were strange foods I was unfamiliar with. A lot of it was vegetarian, which I thought was strange... I mean, I don't think it's strange to be a vegetarian, but I think this is the first party I've been to where even the eggnog was soy-nog. (I didn't try the soy-nog because it looked watery, and I prefer the thick viscous nog that leaves a hazy film clinging to the glass when you're done.) I ate a bit of some sort of fried pocket of vegetarianism, and some rice (brown I thinks) with some vegetarian red stuff that looked like marinara, but tasted different. I was afraid of the spinach ball (big green balls of spinach) but the peanut butter balls with coconut on the outside were good. The big difference between a knitter party and other parties, is that at some point we all pulled out some knitting and chatted and sipped while working away on various projects. I was able to verify that Hill Country Weavers has ordered some amount of the new Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn!!! (I'm way excited, sorry.) Of course they don't know when it will come in, and it will likely be in January. If you knit, or like yarn a lot, click on those two links and you'll probably know why I'm so excited.

We stayed at Kathy's until 10 ish, and then headed to Sean and Lacy's for their after-party. They had rented out a skating rink and had people over to play broomball. Evidently this was tons of fun, but I'm sure that it would have been too much work for us, after our already long day. Lacy had tamales, chips, queso, salsa, and of course more beer. We ate and chatted, and generally lazed about with the folks who were tuckered from their game. Just before we were going to leave Lacy got everyone together to play a game. She had wrapped gifts (of dubious character) in tons of paper and tape, and then we all sat around a table. You take turns rolling a pair of dice, and if you get doubles you get to start unwrapping the present (as fast as you can) and then when the next person gets doubles they take it away from you and continue the unwrapping (as fast as they can) because whoever gets all the paper off gets to keep the present. I got the first present of the night, and seeing as how it was chocolate I believe I won. It was definitely one of the top 3 gifts. There was also a monkey that you could shoot like a sling shot, and a hand crocheted hat that Lacy had made from a zillion different yarns. These were good gifts. The slinky was okay, but it was plastic, so not completely cool. The "bad" gifts included chapstick (okayish), dental floss (useful), and vaseline (...) I thought Lacy was going to pass out from laughter as everyone fought to get into the package that had the jar of vaseline in it.

I finally crawled into my bed around 1:30 in the morning, and even after a cup of coffee, I still feel like I could use a bit of a nap. It was an awesome day though. It was productive (moving and knitting) and it was loads of fun (even the moving bit). Although I really hope no one else needs help moving before the end of the year, cause I think I'm done with that shit. Today we go to taste cake at Matty's Cakes, and pick up my wedding band from Russell Korman. After that we get to clean the garage, because Kirk is having the hot water heater replaced tomorrow, and I don't want him to ruin/break/whatever all the various things we currently have stored out there. *whew* I've got another long day ahead, so I suppose I should get busy.
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