Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Good and The Bag Ugly

Good: Last night I finished Iza's prezzie, so that's another notch in the old FO belt. My best guess is that I am over halfway done with the Quant, and I'm still on my first half a ball of yarn. This means it is knitting quickly, and that I shall have plenty of yarn. El yay on both counts.

Dog: This morning I heard a strange crunching from under the table. When I looked down I found Muttly eating a stick. Since I don't think he should eat sticks in general, I took it away. That's when I realized that the stick was rather round, and had some cryptic writing on the side "Clover US 10". Further investigation revealed another piece which, while a bit chewed, was still recognizable as a knitting implement. Luckily for the dog that's not the needle I was using for my project, and I don't think I have any in the back of my mind that would require that paticular needle either. Still, I really wish he wouldn't eat anymore knitting needles.


The Holmes said...

"Hey puppy, how's your knitting needle?"

"Needs ketchup."

Tara said...