Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Eve

I'm finally starting to wind down from my last week of f-ing hell at work. I'd go into detail, but it's inane and would just start my brain aching again. We'll just say, one of my co-workers threw a fit like a child of 48 and that I was not impressed.

So now it's Christmas Eve, and I've caught up on all my blog reading. Everyone is working on something, except me*. :) Jeff is cooking up some pork so that he can make his first batch of unsupervised tamales, Dan is putting together a shelving system, Jean's getting ready to wash the car, and I'm hanging out on the couch listening to Christmas music. I'm really enjoying the Christmas music. It used to kind of get on my nerves, but I think that not being out in stores that were blasting the music, and not listening to radio spared my brain from the onslaught. I was actually complaining the other day that I hadn't heard any Christmas music. Now I've heard it all morning, and it's been great.

We got in really later Saturday than I had planned. The car had to spend time in the shop, and between that and the stressing out from work that Jeff and I both did, it caused us to get behind. Heck, we still didn't have a present for Brandon until yesterday (but he got an awesome one, so that makes up for it.) I think we got to Jeff's parents house around 6:45pm. We saw tons of traffic headed southbound, but it was almost entirely smooth sailing going north.

All the kitties are hiding, except for Elfstar. She has finally stopped growling at Muttly when he enters the room, but she still won't tolerate him anywhere near her. It's actually pretty funny, because she doesn't have front claws. She hisses and growls and baps him repeatedly in the face, and he just kind of looks freaked out. He got pissed off once, but he's been behaving pretty well, so no big battles yet.

I'm not sure if we're going to try and go out into the wide world and get another gift for Jeff's dad, but I know Jeff needs to go online and get him  a new magazine subscription. Other than that all the gifts are wrapped, and everything is good. Chai chocolate and cayenne cashews... As soon as Jean pops open a bottle of wine my day will be made. (She declared that post-noon was wine time. That's something we both agree on.)

I hope that you're all warm and happy and with the people that you love. Give your favorite person a squeezy hug for me and wish them a Merry Christmas.

*I did help clean the kitchen this morning with the dishes from breakfast, and last nights dinner, so I haven't been a complete bum.

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