Sunday, May 13, 2007

Movie Night - Green

The theme for this month's Movie Night is green. For anyone not familiar, we have a group of friends that gets together almost every month. One person is selected at random to pick a movie for the next gathering. The movie is supposed to be a secret until the day it's shown. The goal is to try and share a movie they may not watch otherwise, but you think they'll enjoy. The only information that is shared about the movie is a theme for the food. We do a pot luck style dinner and it's always a blast.

I've been brainstorming since the theme was announced to try and figure out what to make. I still have a few ideas that Jeff has not completely vetoed. I'm going to keep those secret for now. For your entertainment I am posting the short list of food with a theme of green that have been shot down.

1. Salisbury Hill (salisbury steak loaf with green army men on top)
2. Lime Jello with Green Beans
3. Soylent Hobo
4. Lime Jello with Frozen Peas
5+ involved more green jello with green veggies and fruit in suspension.

I am glad to say that I have other ideas that suck far less. As soon as Jeff wakes up we're going to have to come to an agreement and get to work with the grocery buying so that it's all good to go by 6.

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E.D. said...

Dudes, solyenthobo would have been roxxor.