Monday, May 7, 2007

The 7 Facts Meme

I'm sorry guys. I've been trying to work really hard on this meme. I wanted to make up for the fact that I'm likely never going to get around to the mag meme. I figured if I put extra effort into this one, maybe no one would notice that I missed one. I'm completely sucking big time.

I'm not sure that I can think of 7 facts right now, but let's see.

1. I sometimes decide to change what things are called, and Jeff is okay with that. For example: mushrooms are fish. This stems from the fact that they both have gills, and I don’t enjoy eating either of them (with some exceptions). That’s a twofer, since it’s half a fact about me and half about Jeff.

2. I’m not a very good cook. There are a few things that I can make, and I do them well, but chances are if I grab a recipe of the shelf and try to implement it that it will result in failure.

3. I’ve been driving with an expired license since April 25th, and hope to get it renewed after work tomorrow. (Let's keep this one on the down low.)

4. I love sweets. Excluding candy that is covering some sort of critter (bug, worm, etc – which for the record I do not consider to be candy) I like just about all candy. I’m not a fan of salted licorice, and I can’t quite get into ginger candy, but just about any other sweet treat is a-ok in my book. I also like cakes, muffins, cookies (without raisins), puddings, tarts, tortes, and pies. Note: I like sweets, I don’t like sour stuff, with the exception of cherry sours and lemon drops. I want to enjoy my candy, not suffer through it.

5. I’m a really picky eater. The list of vegetables that I will eat is dramatically shorter than the list of veggies that I won’t eat. However, there are many veggies that I will concede make valuable ingredients, but I just eat around them. I like the flavor they impart to the dish as a whole, but not the way they chew up in my mouth.



Um, okay. I'm going to give myself a few more minutes to think on this. I promise to update by the end of the day with two more facts even if I have to make them up.

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