Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I'm So Sorry This Post Sucks

I wanted to do the magazine meme, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a magazine subscription. I planned, and may still, post instead my dream list of magazines that I wish I had subscriptions to. That will have to wait until I get home and I can actually spend the internet time to research, because I honestly don’t know.

I’m having a shit kind of day. The kind of day when the first email you see is from your supervisor that he sent 10 minutes after you left the day before, and is just illustrates how little he knows about anything. He is really trying my patience, and I think it’s starting to show. So I started off my day pissed off. I got over it though, and I vowed that I was going to make progress on the stuff that’s been piling up in my office. I was going to be productive damn it. Yeah, notice the past tense there.

Now I’ve slid past productive and I’m down in low places. I’m having more doubts about my ability to escape this stupid job. Erin spruced up my resume, and it’s much nicer than before. It’s pretty much the same content, but with a new layout and a bit better wording. I used this resume to apply again to Blizzard. I had applied on 3/30 and heard not a peep, then I applied on 4/30 with the new resume and had a call within 3 hours. It was kind of freaky. Alas, they are cheep asses and only want to pay $9/hr so I’ll not be a GM. *sigh* Oh well, I was pretty sure that’s how that was going to end anyway.

I’ve mentioned in the past that there was a possible internal movement. They finally posted the job opening and I applied, but I haven’t heard anything. So I’m getting all discouraged. I feel blah, and I just don’t care to work anymore. I want to go home, and that’s just about all I can think of. Sorry for the boring blog, but I’m just completely sapped of energy.

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Julie said...

I'm sorry. I know what it's like to have a job that you hate so much that you contemplate driving off the 183 fly-over instead of continuing on to work. That's what it was like with the Dragon Lady. And $9/an hour? Who are they planning on hiring, illiterate 9th grade drop-outs? Wendy's pays better! Actually, I don't know how the pay is, but have you thought of Starbucks or Whole Foods? They both apparently have great benefits and I think the pay is pretty decent. Although it still is probably lower than what you get now. I guess that's how The Company hooks you in.
Also, have you thought of temp agencies?