Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Again, Hello

There's been a lot going on over here, and I feel bad for not blogging about it. I mean, I blew past all sorts of news and just never got around to posting. I'm not sure if I didn't know what to say or if I was just keeping things quiet and personal for a while. Beyond any holiday posting that could have happened I've had one thought on my mind that I've wanted to mention for a while.

Jeff and I found out last October that we were expecting, and we've been excited ever since. This is our first child and other than making sure that our family and friends knew first, I wasn't quite sure how to handle the baby debut into the blog. Blogging about knitting or movies and books, or even a party that I went to never seemed too personal to me, but all of a sudden this seemed like very private information about my family and I wasn't sure how much I wanted to share.

Still, not blogging about the baby has led me to not blog about other things as well. I think I've been somewhat avoiding the blog so that I could avoid the subject altogether, and that's just silly. I plan to keep blogging and if I'm going to keep blogging then I know our growing family is going to come up sooner or later, so here I am to get the ball rolling.

We went for the 20 week ultrasound on February 9th and I can now share with you that we are expecting a baby boy, and he's due sometime around June 27th. So far everything is looking great and right on track.We're also in the midst of hunting for a house. We've been living in a rented duplex for the last 5 years, and I just don't think it's big enough for all of us. Or at least it's not big enough unless I get rid of some furniture, and boxes of books, and maybe some clothes. This is the big time sink that has been eating all my remaining brain cells and consuming most of my free time. Well that and trying to clean/organize/reduce what is currently in our home to try and make moving a little less painful when we get to that point. So when you see me at a social gathering and all I do is babble about house hunting, know that deep down I'm sorry.

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