Thursday, May 29, 2008

Must Not Peek

Oh the temptations. I have two links on my RSS Reader that I dare not look at.
1. The Rockin' Sock Club Blog
2. The comments for that blog

The sock club shipment has been mailed, and the last time that I looked at any of the comments I saw that one person has received their shipment. I love the surprise of opening the yarn package and having no idea what will be inside. I don't want to find out ahead of time what's coming, so I'm avoiding both of those feeds like they have the plague. Of course that means that they are piling up unread material that is taunting me.

On the one hand I figure even if I find out ahead of time what the yarn or the pattern looks like that it was still a surprise, and will still be fun, but I'm insane, and people post really bad photos that totally lie about what the yarn really looks like. If I see a picture ahead of time and get all excited then it only tortures me more while I wait for the mail man to make my delivery. Then what if it doesn't look like the picture and then I'm all sad? Or what if they post the picture, and then I don't even want the mail to show up because I think it's ugly? Okay, so that last option is pretty unlikely, but why risk it? So instead I sit here not reading the blog or comments just in case someone can't contain their feelings on the shipment and accidentally spoils my surprise.

Well... that was a really stupid post. Better luck next time, please try again.

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