Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm a Toys R Us Kid

I can't believe it. I had a post in my head, and then I forgot it... but I remember once more! It's all about me debating whether or not I am a completely responsible adult, or whether I like new toys more than I like being grown up.

I live among the masses that are paid every two weeks. Most of us in this group (or at least most that I've ever talked finance with) pay our bills every two weeks. You work a bit and you're able to kind of have a 1st half the month and 2nd half the month billing cycle, and then every thing's all tidy and you still have money for food and gasoline. The thing is, months aren't exactly 4 months long all the time, and as such every once in a while you get paychecks that are in between bills. This isn't as good as when you get 3 paychecks in one month, but it's close.

I get paid 8/24, 9/7, then 9/21. I acknowledge that I do have a $200 loan payment that I need to make to my Dad with this check, but everything else could technically wait until the next checks come in. I've been wanting a new desktop, and with the money that I wouldn't be spending on bills... and some of the bills won't actually be ready for paying until after the 7th anyway.... although there might be one due on the 5th... but I'm sure they'd wait 2 days....

I priced out a computer at Fry's and I could do it this check, or at least I think I could. Especially if I was able to cannibalize some pieces from my old desktop to use temporarily. I mean, I've got two CD roms in there, I could wait to get the spiffier one, you know, stuff like that. I don't know.

I suppose I'll dig around in the budget tonight, and re-examine the notes that I took on my Fry's excursion, and of course consult with my chef. I know, it's odd to ask a chef about financial matters but when you're engaged it kind of entitles him to some input. It would be nice to get a nice new powerhouse to play with. *sighs wistfully staring into space* And the case is so cute!

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