Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Knit Socks

I like knitting socks. I have no where near what could be called too many socks, so knitting socks is both fun and practical. There's also the fact that I'm decent at knitting socks. Although it seems that lately I've had issues with them coming out a hair large, of course those haven't been washed yet and may have a bit of shrinkage when they do get laundered.

I also like to knit bags, but I do have entirely too many bags. So I mostly work to knit bags for other people now. Hats are fun, but there's only so many days in a year in which to wear a hat in Texas. I suppose I could knit enough that I could wear them once and then donate them to someone less fortunate, but I don't know that I like knitting hats that much.
I've tried to knit other types of clothing and I'm not having the best of luck. I knit a tank top that looking back on was not a good material, possibly had a bad pattern, and definitely lacked in the execution department. I've torn it apart, and rescued what I could of the yarn. If I'd come to terms with its suckage before I did a border on it and wove in all my ends (in the ghetto way I do) then I may have been able to save more of the yarn, but I don't care. I'm just glad that it isn't in my closet mocking me anymore.

I'm currently supposed to be knitting a cardigan type thing. It's going to be beautiful (maybe) and soft (oh yeah) if I ever get it done. Thing is I cheesed out on a yarn join when I ran out of the first ball. I told myself that it would work out okay, and then I told myself that I could fix it so it looked less like shit. I was wrong on both counts. The blue bastard is currently sitting on my washer waiting for me to get up the nerve to unravel almost a ball's worth of knitting to get back to that join and start afresh. *cry* I don't want to do it. It's one of those things. You tell yourself that you like knitting, and that redoing it is just more knitting, but I don't like screwed up knitting and I hate admitting defeat.

Still, I have knat socks. I completed my green pair of socks that were made with TOFUtsies yarn. It's 50% Superwash wool, 25% Soysilk, 22.5% Cotton, and 2.5% Chitin (from shrimp and crap shells). I decided that I don't like knitting socks out of a single color, because I get bored, but at least I picked a simple pattern so they were finished in a reasonable amount of time. This yarn feels a bit like linen during knitting, and the strandedness of it reminded me of the linen also. I haven't washed or worn the socks yet, but when I slipped them on for taking pictures they felt pretty good. I did a stockinette foot, and a 3X2 rib leg with a 1X1 twisted rib cuff. They were knit toe up on two US 1 circulars.

I'm currently in the process of knitting another pair (knitting both socks at the same time, instead of one after another). I'm up to the heels on these, and I'm not sure I like the color. I'd try gifting them to my sister, but they're pretty damn pink and she's told me repeatedly this year that she hates pink. Maybe when they're all done and I see them on I'll change my mind, but keep up your eyes open. If I still don't think they're for me then they may be up for free grabs. Here's a peek at what the foot(s) of this new pair look like. PINK!!!

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