Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fit For a Princess


This weekend I fit new flowers in my hanging basket, my pansies had died. For some reason the baskets have been on the ground, instead of hanging.

This morning I noticed that something had been digging in the basket. I smoothed the dirt back into place, but when I moved my hand back the dirt appeared to breathe. It was creepy so I poked it again, and it poked back.

At this point I had to call Jeff over to make sure I wasn't just plain crazy, dirt can't poke back after all. He carefully moved dirt away and found a sleeping toad. Mr Toad had burrowed in to the soft cool earth to hide from the sun.

So I suppose I'll have to make sure he's come out before I hang that basket again. A 10ft drop would be a rude awakening for sure. He did pick a pretty place to sleep, didn't he?

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