Friday, October 22, 2010


Cabbit has always been incredibly tolerant of less than gentle cuddling. I think it's because I've always been a little rougher with him than most cats will stand, but you know he kind of looks like a bulldog and for a while he would even play fetch. So whether it is simply nature, or a bit of nurture, Cabbit puts up with a lot of Max's affections.

This cat gets sat on, hugged, kissed, smacked, has his fur pulled, and once or twice Max has tried to pull his nose off. Cabbit is lucky he doesn't have a tail or I'm sure that would get pulled too. He doesn't seem to have a the same fondness for Max that Bullet does, but he certainly isn't afraid of him (probably because he still out weighs Max) and sometimes I think he figures the kid ain't half bad. I just love it when Max is sweet to the cats and I love this picture of him hugging Cabbit.


Karen said...

This is such a sweet picture! Max obviously loves Cabbit, and the cat is sweet to tolerate all the hugging and grabbing and what-not. I'm thinking we need to get a cat for Zooey to play with.

Also, where did you get that fabulous play tent? That is AWESOME.

Tara said...

The right cat is awesome for a little kid. Out of the 4 we have Bullet seems to like Max & will sometimes come to play with him, Cabbit tolerates him, Spooky and Dinah both run whenever they hear him coming. Except for when Bullet gets too playful none of them attack him...yet.

The play tent was from Jeff's mom so it most likely came from Target. She is fanatical about shopping their sales.