Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Screw It

I've tried a couple of times to start this post, and every time I've erased it all. I've been thinking about Max's first year in this world and it's just so hard to know where to begin. I could start with the beginning of how he was born in the hospital, or the first few days of having him home...

There, I've done it again. I just deleted a bunch of hogwash. Those first minutes, hours, even days weren't Max. Babies are like living Want. They want to be held, fed, rocked, they want to sleep. Not all babies are alike, but they all Want. And that's some boring, and not all together happy reading. If you don't believe me just ask your mom.
Okay I am totally giving up on this blog post. I've been trying to write it for almost a week now, and it refuses to come together. I can see it in my noggin, but I'm being defeated at every turn. Sometimes the writing won't come out, or what I want to say gets buried under what I don't want to say, and then there's my cuddle bug distracting me, and today that bloody car alarm was the last straw. I give in. No one wanted to read the MASSIVE post that was trying to claw its way out anyhoo. So new plan of attack, several mini-posts.

My goal is to focus on a single thing in each post that I think is really cool about Max. I hope to have 12 because that seems nice to me, one per month to commemorate this first year. I'm not going to cry if that doesn't happen though. So time to get down to business and crank out the first one.

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