Monday, March 22, 2010

Like Forever

This last week has been a long one. The whirlwind of activity started on Thursday when we traveled to Houston for a single day, to see Daniel open the envelope that contained the hospital that he will serve his residency at for the next 4 years. Well, we actually didn't think that we'd make it there in time, since we were leaving Austin at 7:30 am with a baby in tow, and we needed to be parked and in "the plaza" by 10:30. Then we were only minutes away and it seemed like we really were going to make it, but we had trouble deciphering where to go, and ended up passing our destination. Then the real fun began. We sat in the worst traffic I've ever been in as we crawled past a really cool looking park. We were going slow enough for Jeff to get out of the car, walk to a bathroom in the park, use the bathroom, then walk back as traffic inched forward.

We missed the envelope opening, but managed to eventually disengage from traffic and head toward the Mexican restaurant where the family was meeting for lunch. We stopped at a book store on the way, because I had to pee and Max needed to drink some milk before there was so much excitement that he wouldn't eat. It was a good plan, except for the part where Max wouldn't eat at the book store and the part where Jeff thought someone would call us when they were on their way to the restaurant. We did have a good time playing in the kids section where there were benches and a train set to play with. And once we hopped back in the car Max drank his milk with no fuss. We were a little late to lunch, but it was still fun to see everyone. We went back to Daniel and Tricia's to hang out for a bit and then went to my dad's for a rest before heading back to Austin. I'm still surprised by how good a time a had that day considering the amount of driving involved, and the fact that we were hauling around a little baby that does not enjoy spending his entire day strapped into a car seat.

Friday morning Jeff headed out with his mom to Iowa along with 500 lbs of baby stuff for Laura. They had a great time driving into a blizzard and making an unexpected stop at a Prius dealer Saturday morning before leaving Kansas and barely making it to the baby shower. While I'm sure it was no picnic I'd like to point out that I was the one with Max since Friday morning.

Honestly Max has been mostly pretty good. Each night bedtime seems to be getting harder. Jeff is normally the toothbrusher and every time he isn't there to do it I think Max gets a little more upset. The first night wasn't too bad, but Saturday night he didn't want to let me brush his teeth at all, and last night was worse he kept trying to squirm out of my arms and was looking all over the place. The days haven't been too bad though, we've kept busy. We went to Ikea and met up with Beth and her 4 kids on Friday. Then Saturday we went to a birthday party, and yesterday Grandpa (Jeff's dad) came to visit and we went out to lunch at Red Robin. (I recommend the Southwest Chicken Salad, just make sure to ask for dressing on the side otherwise it will come already in it.)

Today we're going to head out to a couple stores and see if we can't get Max a pair of shoes that fit and some saline drops in case his nose gets more stuffed up. Hopefully Jeff will get home tonight before it's time for Max to eat dinner. We're all missing each other and this is the longest that we've been apart as a family. I can't wait for Jeff to get home.

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