Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Nursery

The nursery in our home is the room that we've taken the longest to get ready. We didn't put a rush on it at first because Max was going to be the last one to move in. Then we didn't rush it because we knew he'd be sleeping in our room for a few months anyway. Then we couldn't rush it because he'd been born and the only thing that got rushed were meals, getting bottles ready, and where on earth is a clean diaper?!?

For reference here is a photo of the nursery when we first moved in. Like the rest of the house it was painted exclusively in chalky KB White. Also like the rest of the house, it was empty. For a brief while it looked like a storage shed, as I piled various boxes of baby clothes and toys with no rhyme or reason.Then Jeff spent hours painting the room from top to bottom. With 3 shades of blue feathered together it already looked way cooler than it started. Next we added the crib, a green rug, red dresser, some storage tubs and lots of toys.We still have more decorating plans, but it already looks great. I'm very excited to have this room put together. I'm also enjoying using a proper changing table. The height is much better than changing him in the Pack N Play.

Max has taken a couple of naps in his room, and he seems to really like it. He sleeps pretty soundly as long as no one opens the door to take a peek at him. Of course, I say that but he's taking a nap in the living room right now while I write this post and watch NCIS on the tv. So maybe he just sleeps well when he sleeps well, and the nursery is having a streak of good luck.

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E.D. said...

ZOMG! It's a baby burrito! I wanna eats it!!1!! (figuratively speaking, of course).