Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Early Morning

5 am is either some sort of cat witching hour, or a time when I am absurdly light in my sleeping. Once again I was wakened by cat mischief. Cats seem to have a magical ability to find mischief in places that you never thought it could exist. I assume they are only rivaled in this ability by some species of monkeys and small children.

This morning I learned that our new bathroom drawers are for cats. The following traits have made them irresistible to Cabbit and Spooky.
  • The drawer is eye level with them
  • The drawer is easy to grab from the side and pull open with a paw
  • The drawer is deep enough to fit a hunkered down cat
  • Apparently while inside you can push/pull something to slide your drawer in and out over and over and over and over and over....

So that's how I woke up this morning. The sound of a drawer opening and closing repeatedly. Upon investigation I found a cat inside. While making a pee stop before heading back to bed the sound started again, and when I reopened the drawer there was a different bigger cat inside. To preserve my sanity and keep from chucking any cats out windows at 5 am I used some painters tape to secure all the drawers and climbed back into bed. They've already started to chew through the tape, so this solution won't last for long.

I'm now a little afraid to let them into the rest of the house. I had no idea how much trouble they could find in just our master bath and bedroom. I have ideas on how much trouble they can cause with free roam over the rest of the house, especially since we aren't unpacked yet, but I suppose that's just life right now. I want to let them have a couple days to explore before we have company come over this weekend, and frankly Spooky and Bullet are ready to get out and see what's beyond the bedroom door. Dinah may not wander far, but I'll be happy if I don't find one of those two on a ceiling fan before the day is out. Thank god that cats don't have wings.

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Julie said...

at least they're good preparation for kids. Btw, you could put child safety locks on the drawers so they stay out.